IN - STORE DEMOS Coverage Area: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, West Texas
In - Store Demos
Demos Sell!

According to consumers, 79% who sample will purchase a product if they like it!

How can a demo be so effective?

In-store demos:

Create a one on one sales opportunity.
Allow customers to see, taste and smell the product first hand.
Offer consumers coupons, premiums and price reductions as incentives to buy.

New product introductions.

What better way to introduce a new product! Let customers experience your product first hand. In one day, you can reach hundreds of people in all demographics.

Slow sales?

Increase product awareness and your bottom line. Demos have proven to be highly successful in boosting sales on slow selling items.

For every promotion Sales Builders will:

1. Target stores best suited to your product, notify stores of the demo and execute the demo with well informed, professional demonstrators.

2. Customize demo reports, manuals and fact sheets on a program specific basis.

3. Report sales, sampling, couponing and costs on a per store basis with each invoice.

4. Design and print coupons, posters and display material for your promotion.

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