EVENT MARKETING Coverage Area: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, West Texas
Event Marketing Division
Reach Thousands!

Our experience in events is extensive. We've managed events from 300 to 389,000 people. We understand the behind the scenes preparation needed to make your event a huge success!

Highly Effective!

Event marketing gives you:

A one on one sales opportunity.
A venue where customers can see, taste and smell the product first hand.
An opportunity to give out coupons and premiums to consumers as incentives to buy.

Whether your event is a single promotion or an ongoing project call on Sales Builders. We work closely with you to develop an event program to meet your needs.

We'll Handle Everything

Arrange event sponsors.
Choose the event location.
Arrange for tents, tables & decorations.
Create graphics, brochures, t-shirts & banners.
Warehousing & procurement.
Work with city officials to secure necessary permits.
Staff with experienced event personnel & supervisors.
Photograph the event.
Breakdown & clean up sampling location.
Recap the event figures to all sponsors.

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Our coverage includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and West Texas. For more information call Sales Builders @ 602-231-8863.